Map Adventures and Stream Study

Our groups split into two today and our group went to take part  in orienteering and a stream study.  We learned how to orientate a map so we could work out where we were on the map then we had to find some control points to help develop our skills.  After this we had to find five different checkpoints and pin our marks on our cards.  We did this about four times and all members of the group are now pretty good map readers.

In the afternoon we took part in a stream study.  We found about 8 or 9 Cray fish and these were very interesting creatures.  We found a number of small fish and various insects.  We decided to test the depth of the stream and the water came into our wellies.  A few of us decided to find out how cold the stream was and got very wet.  We hope you enjoy the blog and pictures and we will write again later to let you know about the walk up to Stanage Edge.  It has been an amazing visit so far and we all love it here.

Hathersage Visit … Amazing on PhotoPeach