A Big Month

It has been a very busy term at Norbridge.  We have had many interesting events and I suppose the biggest event for the school was we had Ofsted come to visit us.  We have now turned our attention to the Christmas season and we have heard our choir singing.  The children will be making cards and calendars and sending them to their friends.

We will be making lanterns in year 6 soon and I hope to get to join in with the fun.  Mr Dougill will be working with our young engineers as we attempt to make the finals in Manchester in 2015.

Mrs Drinkall has been in to see us and joined us for a meal recently. She often comes to see us and she is preparing the choir with Miss Hemsall. We will be switching on the hospital Christmas tree lights on Friday this week.  We will be singing in Town to raise money for charity soon and we really enjoy spreading the joy of the Festive season.

Our film centenary film is out to commemorate 100 years of education on this site.  We are keen to remember all of the people who have helped children here over the years and we hope you enjoy the film that celebrates all of the great things that we do.

We will be blogging about our ofsted inspection once we have the report.  We hope you come to check back soon and we love comments.

Meeting and Blogging

I have started to look at some of the writing that the children have been doing on the school blog.  Some great work is being done by the children and I really have enjoyed commenting on the great language that they are using.  I am really looking forward to the Blogathon next Wednesday too.  Check back and see what we are doing.  The children love comments.