First night at Kingswood

The children have started the activities really quickly after arriving earlier.  The greatest early struggles were mainly to do with trying to put a quilt inside a quilt cover.  Team work was the order of the day as the children helped each other to overcome the challenge.

The first ctivity was archery and the children really enjoyed the challenge of learning new skills.  There was some super shooting from lots of children and they coped very well with the cold and the fog.

The children have enjoyed the campfire activity and they loved singing and playing games with the instructors and staff.  It was an awesome experience being deep,in the woods playing games and seeing the children really laughing and enjoying the activity.  Some of the songs will be stuck in my head for many months to come.

The children are now in their dorms ready for a sleep.  I am not sure how much rest they will get as they are very excited about being away.  It promises to be a great week.   Check back on my blog tomorrow for more updates.

The Bus Project….

We have decided to create a series of short film clips that help us share some of our ideas that we have used in school.  If you want to share your thoughts on them that would be great or if you want to work together on a particular idea or project get in touch.

Our narrators have done so well with this new idea and we hope you enjoy watching.

Summer …..

There are lots of exciting things happening at Norbridge in the coming weeks.  It promises to be a very busy period and we are all excited about the great things that are happening.

We are in the finals of the Pupil Premium Awards in London in May and we are really happy to see the work of the children, staff, governors and directors get some recognition.  We will let you know the results on the day through twitter and my blog.

We have funding to extend our school by six classrooms and we are looking forward to seeing the building develop from scratch over the next twelve months.  The teachers and children are really looking forward to working in their brand new classrooms.  The plans for the building are wonderful and we can’t wait to see the finished building in the near future.

We will be working on a special area to remember James Allbones, who recently passed away.  We will work with James’s parents to develop this area and we are going to create a very special place that his friends can go to and remember him.  We will be having this work completed in the summer holiday.

I will update you with more news as we work as hard as we can to be the best we can be during the summer term.

Away Days and Memories

I am currently on a residential visit with our year six pupils at Peak Venture, near Barnsley.  There was a howling wind as I ventured outside early this morning for my usual walk.  I was met with all manner of weather and it would be fair to say it was a wee bit chilly. I even managed to appreciate some rather stinging sleet!

I was thinking about the things I have seen the children achieve during the first two days of our visit.  I have seen the quieter more reserved children show great courage when climbing to a great height and admired their determination to push themselves to their limit.  It has been a privilege to see the children tackle things they have never done before and it has been clear to me that their resilience and determination has grown.

The greatest part of watching children learning is when you see them having fun and they are sharing experience and knowledge with their peers.  This particular group have been very good at being positive and encouraging their friends when things are tough.

I particularly enjoyed watching them during the activities this morning.

Scrooge – A Ghost of a Chance …Rehearsals

I have just had a sneak-preview of our Christmas performance and I have been amazed.  The singing was beautiful and the young lady in the lead role of Scrooge was awesome.  I do not want to give too much away but our parents and visitors will be in for a real treat when this is performed.

It is great to see the children working together and each of them playing their part in creating something that is going to be awesome.  I am looking forward to seeing the first performance and I may even share a snippet on my blog so you can see the quality of the performance.  Check back for more updates soon.

A busy day…

There was lots of excitement outside of my office to day as the children lined up to go off on a visit.  Two year groups are out today and they are visiting the zoo and Harley Gallery.  The children will have an amazing time and I am looking forward to hearing about their adventures when they get back later.

Our boy’s football team have started their season and they were thrilled to beat Redlands school 3-1 in their first game.  Mr Scott and Mr Bellingham were really pleased with the way the boys played and it promises to be a very exciting season.  I am looking forward to seeing the girls start their season as I know that Emily will be smashing goals in again. She is a great talent and is one of the most talented girls in the school.

We are currently rehearsing for our school production of Scrooge and their is a real buzz about this around school.  It promises to be a very successful term and we are celebrating being in the top 1% of schools for progress from key stage one to the end of key stage two.  We are really proud of the efforts of our pupils and we are looking forward to working as hard as possible in this, our “Year of Endeavour”

Watch this space for more news this term.

Blogging challenge – Worksop Bloggers

I am happy in school today.  The reason is that so many children are taking part in the blogging challenge.  I am looking forward to seeing some excellent writing and I am going to share my favourite pieces of work on twitter.

The great thing about this challenge is that four other schools are doing the same activity today so we can look at other work and leave comments .  I will take some pictures and feel free to comment and share.

Our children love you to visit their blogs and they want as many comments as possible to improve their work.  Check back soon to see what we are doing.

During the rest of the year I will post my favourite picture of each day.  This picture is great because these girls learned so much on the visit to Hathersage.  They had so much fun and I sure you can tell.  Keep checking back for to see which one I choose.  You might even be in it.


Reflections on Day 2 in France

This morning we got up, washed and had breakfast, setting off promptly to visit the boulangerie.  Our visit was fantastic for the children as they learned plenty of new vocabulary and found out about baking in France.  We had a croissant and pan au chocolate that had been freshly baked.  The whole visit was fascinating and the owners were great with our children.

The second visit took us to a confectioner.  We observed him making sweets and we got to join in and help out.  We found out about the ingredients and the different types of confectionary that are available.  We then had a chance to buy some goodies from the shop.  It was a great experience and the children loved it.

For me, the greatest part was watching the children soak up the new knowledge and witness their exemplary behaviour.  I mean exemplary in the true sense.  We had our lunch looking out to sea and again the children were a fine example to others.  It gives me great pleasure to see them behave the way they do and I am so proud of every one of them.  A top group of children!