Away Days and Memories

I am currently on a residential visit with our year six pupils at Peak Venture, near Barnsley.  There was a howling wind as I ventured outside early this morning for my usual walk.  I was met with all manner of weather and it would be fair to say it was a wee bit chilly. I even managed to appreciate some rather stinging sleet!

I was thinking about the things I have seen the children achieve during the first two days of our visit.  I have seen the quieter more reserved children show great courage when climbing to a great height and admired their determination to push themselves to their limit.  It has been a privilege to see the children tackle things they have never done before and it has been clear to me that their resilience and determination has grown.

The greatest part of watching children learning is when you see them having fun and they are sharing experience and knowledge with their peers.  This particular group have been very good at being positive and encouraging their friends when things are tough.

I particularly enjoyed watching them during the activities this morning.

Work – Life Imbalance

I remember when I first qualified as a teacher and my friends discussing their plans to avoid being a teacher-bore.  I hadn’t really heard of the phrase before but I was reliably informed that it meant that all you ever talked about was your job.  It was essentially the art of being utterly consumed by your role.

I resolved very early in my career that I would avoid the teacher-bore issue at all costs.  This can be even more challenging as your career develops as you often find yourself mixing with teachers in your friendship groups.  It happens when we meet teacher-friends for social events or meals, the night can descend into a briefing about what has been happening with work.

I decided to make sure I had a hobby, something to do that was not connected to the day job of being a teacher or Headteacher.

Some of my hobbies include inline skating, watching ice hockey and photography.  I even did a year on hospital radio as a presenter.  That was fun but sometimes a little stressful.

I sometimes talk to teachers and other friends and they some say they don’t really have time for a hobby or anything that is just for themselves.  This is where I think things can become difficult for people in this profession, as it is so demanding and expectations are always high.  We owe ourselves some down time in order to be able to be at the peak of our performance in our day job.

I am a keen amateur photographer and this helps me wind down and concentrate on something that is not related to being a Headteacher.  What do you do to relax and how do you manage to keep a healthy work-life balance?


A busy day…

There was lots of excitement outside of my office to day as the children lined up to go off on a visit.  Two year groups are out today and they are visiting the zoo and Harley Gallery.  The children will have an amazing time and I am looking forward to hearing about their adventures when they get back later.

Our boy’s football team have started their season and they were thrilled to beat Redlands school 3-1 in their first game.  Mr Scott and Mr Bellingham were really pleased with the way the boys played and it promises to be a very exciting season.  I am looking forward to seeing the girls start their season as I know that Emily will be smashing goals in again. She is a great talent and is one of the most talented girls in the school.

We are currently rehearsing for our school production of Scrooge and their is a real buzz about this around school.  It promises to be a very successful term and we are celebrating being in the top 1% of schools for progress from key stage one to the end of key stage two.  We are really proud of the efforts of our pupils and we are looking forward to working as hard as possible in this, our “Year of Endeavour”

Watch this space for more news this term.

First Day

It has been a busy first day of the new term.  It was lovely to see all of the children settle straight down to their work in their new classrooms.  I have met lots of new faces in school today and it has been a real pleasure to see the children making new friends.

There will be lots of interesting events coming soon and the school will be very busy over the coming term.  Keep checking the blogs to keep up to date with events in school and remember we love comments on our work.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

A new term approaches…

It is not long now until we are back in school and it is looking great as the staff prepare classrooms for the arrival of the children.  Some changes have taken place over the summer, including the arrival of our new classrooms.  There has been a great deal of effort put in making sure they will be ready for the start of term. Here is a glimpse of the new classrooms from outside.



Our theme this year is “A year of Endeavour.”  This will place responsibility on us to ensure that we all work as hard as we can to reach our full potential.  This theme will be seen in everything we do in our lives, not just at school.  I am looking forward to hearing your inspirational stories about what you achieve and also what you do to serve and help others.

Mr Scott deserves a mention for performing so well in his maths and English exams and we are very proud of him.  If you see him in school please congratulate him as I know he will appreciate it.  He has worked so hard to achieve so well in the tests.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and make sure you are raring to go!

Pupil Premium Awards 2015

We have been notified by the DFE that we are finalists in the Pupil Premium Awards 2015.  We are delighted to be part of this and we are looking forward to representing our school in London on March 25th.

It is great to see the hard work by the children be recognised and also the dedication of the staff that work hard to ensure children progress well and achieve high standards in their work.

We are very happy about being finalists and we are also happy to know the money we receive will provide children with further opportunities, not just in our school but other schools that are in our area.  Please check back here after 25th March so we can tell you all about the event. #Norbridgerocks

Good Morning From Hathersage

There is a busy day ahead of us again today and the children have had a good night of restful sleep.  They are looking forward to the activities today and they are currently about to have breakfast.  The whole group have behaved very well and have been a great advert for our school and their parents.  It has been great to see them become more independent too.

Check back today for more photographs and updates to see what we are doing and we love the comments too.

My New Blog ….The Head in the Shed

It has been a fantastic start to the school year today.  This year I have been busy creating a place where I can work, blog and generally relax.  It will also be the place that I blog from about what is happening in school and also I will write about the things I am doing in and out of school.

My new shed is the place I will be blogging from on a regular basis and I will share some pictures with you so you can see what it is like.  Its got plenty of pictures of things I am interested in and I have a work surface, a comfy chair and a carpet.  I am hoping to put postcards all around the walls and I would love it if you wanted to send me one.  Just send them to the Head in the Shed c/o Norbridge academy, Stanley Street, Worksop Notts. S81 8UZ.

I am going to be working on my shed over the year and I hope you will enjoy seeing it.  I will put some pictures on to show you it as I improve it.  My shed is about one metre wide and about 3 metres long! Come back soon to see the pictures.