Looking Forward….

It has been a very busy term at Norbridge Academy and there has been many great things to reflect upon.  Our “Get up and give” theme has seen many children and adults across the school community raise lots of money for very worthy causes.  I have been delighted to see so many people work so hard in the service of others.  It has been inspiring to see so many great acheivements by so many people.

Our children have taken part in a wide variey of activities and the staff continue to strive to give the children meaningful learning experiences that are exciting too.  Children have been fortunate to have the opportunity to attend extra lessons to ensure they accelerate their progress as they move through the school year.  I have been really impressed at the attitude and determination of the children.  This will ensure they do well and become resilient, which will help them in life when things may seem challenging.

We have created the company that will mean we will continue to work on developing a Multi Academy Trust.  This will be a chance for schools that have a real focus on learning and their students to become part of a company that delivers high academic standards and an excellent curriculum for all children within it.  The values thay underpin our trust will be honesty, endeavour and integrity.  We will be looking to work with schools that are keen to be part of an organisation that upholds these standards and have a real sense of moral purpose.  In the current educational climate integrity is a key part of partnership working.

We have recently seen the school league tables published and we are placed in the top ten percent of schools in the Country in England.  I am delighted to see the children be successful and I am also grateful to the staff and governors for the work that they do to ensure our children reach their full potential.

I have enjoyed seeing the children work so hard this year and show they are committed to reaching their full potential.  I am sure we will see more success stories as we enter 2017 and I look forward to working with all members of our school community to ensure we deliver a World-Class Education for all of the learners in our school.

Have a great break and see you in 2017.

Power cuts, Helicopters and streams

It has been another busy day on our visit to St Michael’s centre and the children have been very busy. I arrived in time for breakfast, having avoiding being involved in the toil to create it. The flow of the event could have been spoiled had I tried to get involved. I had cereal for a health choice and consumed a sausage sandwich, in order that I would not seem bad mannered.

The children prepared to set off on their respective activities and it is worth mentioning that Miss Bird went on the Stanage Edge walk twice. This lady is a tough customer and she set a great example to the children with her, ” Have a go” attitude. I was sent to the grounds of Brookfield Manor to carry out the stream study and follow that with orienteering.

Heavy rainfall had meant the water flow was fast and muddy so it was difficult to find the crayfish like we had the previous day. We did find plenty of small fish and insects so it was still very interesting for the children. We then had a crazy group picture in the stream. I took the photograph of the pupils and Miss Williams maintained a strategic overview. The faces of the children may be an indication of the temperature of the water.

The orienteering session had a bad start when one group ran around collecting the markers in. This ruined my plan for sitting in the sun as I had to get involved in restoring order to the proceedings. Seriously, we had a really fun time today and the children have shown a great deal of character and strength when things get tough. The children did not even get distracted when a helicopter landed near us.  They were doing some work on the electrical faults that have taken the power off during the night.  Very interesting to watch but we pressed on with our work.

I must mention the behaviour of the group as the children have been exemplary in all areas in terms of their conduct. I am proud of them and I hope their mums and dads are too.

It promises to be a very busy last day tomorrow but I am sure we will have lots more to tell you when we are back. #Norbridgerocks

Hathersage Stream Scream

It has been a very busy start to our Hathersage visit.  One group went off on a long walk.  The other group went across to Brookfield Manor and took part in a stream study.  I went with this group and we had an amazing time.  We found lots of different creatures but the most impressive were definitely the Crayfish and various fish.

The water came over the sides of a couple of wellingtons so a couple of children had cold feet for a while. A few screams were heard.

We took a few snaps and we identified all of the insects and creatures that we found.  It was great fun and we are excited about learning about map reading later this afternoon.

We are enjoying our lunch now and we have been wondering what it will be like for the other group who are walking in the rain.  It’s going to be interesting to hear there stories later about how tough it was.

We hope you enjoy looking at what we are doing and feel free to comment.