Hathersage Stream Scream

It has been a very busy start to our Hathersage visit.  One group went off on a long walk.  The other group went across to Brookfield Manor and took part in a stream study.  I went with this group and we had an amazing time.  We found lots of different creatures but the most impressive were definitely the Crayfish and various fish.

The water came over the sides of a couple of wellingtons so a couple of children had cold feet for a while. A few screams were heard.

We took a few snaps and we identified all of the insects and creatures that we found.  It was great fun and we are excited about learning about map reading later this afternoon.

We are enjoying our lunch now and we have been wondering what it will be like for the other group who are walking in the rain.  It’s going to be interesting to hear there stories later about how tough it was.

We hope you enjoy looking at what we are doing and feel free to comment.


Hathersage Arrival

We have been in Hathersage for a few hours now.  We have our dormitories now and we have to make our beds.  We have carried out a fire drill and later we are going on a ghost walk.

When we get back we will need to make our packed lunches for tomorrow.  Some of us are going to Stanage  Edge and others are map reading and pond dipping.  we will keep you posted here so keep coming back to see what we are doing.