Reflections on Day 2 in France

This morning we got up, washed and had breakfast, setting off promptly to visit the boulangerie.  Our visit was fantastic for the children as they learned plenty of new vocabulary and found out about baking in France.  We had a croissant and pan au chocolate that had been freshly baked.  The whole visit was fascinating and the owners were great with our children.

The second visit took us to a confectioner.  We observed him making sweets and we got to join in and help out.  We found out about the ingredients and the different types of confectionary that are available.  We then had a chance to buy some goodies from the shop.  It was a great experience and the children loved it.

For me, the greatest part was watching the children soak up the new knowledge and witness their exemplary behaviour.  I mean exemplary in the true sense.  We had our lunch looking out to sea and again the children were a fine example to others.  It gives me great pleasure to see them behave the way they do and I am so proud of every one of them.  A top group of children!