Blogging challenge – Worksop Bloggers

I am happy in school today.  The reason is that so many children are taking part in the blogging challenge.  I am looking forward to seeing some excellent writing and I am going to share my favourite pieces of work on twitter.

The great thing about this challenge is that four other schools are doing the same activity today so we can look at other work and leave comments .  I will take some pictures and feel free to comment and share.

Our children love you to visit their blogs and they want as many comments as possible to improve their work.  Check back soon to see what we are doing.

During the rest of the year I will post my favourite picture of each day.  This picture is great because these girls learned so much on the visit to Hathersage.  They had so much fun and I sure you can tell.  Keep checking back for to see which one I choose.  You might even be in it.