Our Dare Graduation

Our year six children performed their DARE graduation today.  The event was very well attended and the children wowed the audience with their knowledge and skills. The children made us feel very proud and they have clearly carried on working hard after their tests.

We heard some great songs and the dances were performed very well with plenty of comedy moments to please the audience.  We were pleased to share the knowledge that our older pupils had gained from the course and the children showed a wide range of talent during the performance.  Well done boys and girls.

Meeting and Blogging

I have started to look at some of the writing that the children have been doing on the school blog.  Some great work is being done by the children and I really have enjoyed commenting on the great language that they are using.  I am really looking forward to the Blogathon next Wednesday too.  Check back and see what we are doing.  The children love comments.

My New Blog ….The Head in the Shed

It has been a fantastic start to the school year today.  This year I have been busy creating a place where I can work, blog and generally relax.  It will also be the place that I blog from about what is happening in school and also I will write about the things I am doing in and out of school.

My new shed is the place I will be blogging from on a regular basis and I will share some pictures with you so you can see what it is like.  Its got plenty of pictures of things I am interested in and I have a work surface, a comfy chair and a carpet.  I am hoping to put postcards all around the walls and I would love it if you wanted to send me one.  Just send them to the Head in the Shed c/o Norbridge academy, Stanley Street, Worksop Notts. S81 8UZ.

I am going to be working on my shed over the year and I hope you will enjoy seeing it.  I will put some pictures on to show you it as I improve it.  My shed is about one metre wide and about 3 metres long! Come back soon to see the pictures.