Work – Life Imbalance

I remember when I first qualified as a teacher and my friends discussing their plans to avoid being a teacher-bore.  I hadn’t really heard of the phrase before but I was reliably informed that it meant that all you ever talked about was your job.  It was essentially the art of being utterly consumed by your role.

I resolved very early in my career that I would avoid the teacher-bore issue at all costs.  This can be even more challenging as your career develops as you often find yourself mixing with teachers in your friendship groups.  It happens when we meet teacher-friends for social events or meals, the night can descend into a briefing about what has been happening with work.

I decided to make sure I had a hobby, something to do that was not connected to the day job of being a teacher or Headteacher.

Some of my hobbies include inline skating, watching ice hockey and photography.  I even did a year on hospital radio as a presenter.  That was fun but sometimes a little stressful.

I sometimes talk to teachers and other friends and they some say they don’t really have time for a hobby or anything that is just for themselves.  This is where I think things can become difficult for people in this profession, as it is so demanding and expectations are always high.  We owe ourselves some down time in order to be able to be at the peak of our performance in our day job.

I am a keen amateur photographer and this helps me wind down and concentrate on something that is not related to being a Headteacher.  What do you do to relax and how do you manage to keep a healthy work-life balance?


10 thoughts on “Work – Life Imbalance

  1. I have various ways to unwind!
    A good dig in the garden helps me to shift stubborn head worm issues I may have.
    Alternatively I have enjoyed dabbling with upholstery – doesn’t matter that I haven’t a clue what to do with a bare framed chair, it just gives me a massive buzz to solve the problem and re-creste the piece into a different form.
    Very satisfying!

  2. Ballroom dancing is one of the ways I keep myself occupied. I am also a keen member of the gym and regularly go to exercise classes.
    From Megan

  3. Every week I make sure that I have a balance of time for myself and time to get work done. Every week I make sure that Saturday is “Treat Day” and I do something completely unrelated to work and it is something to look forward to every week.

  4. I spend my weekdays in Worksop but I spend my weekends at the seaside. I take my dog for long walks along the beach and across the cliff tops. I feel like I really get away from it all – a perfect way for me to recharge my batteries.

  5. As an NQT, I started the Autumn Term really struggling to manage all of the demands of the teacher role; leading to me marking books until late at night, updating the class page or posting on the blog. Gradually, I am learning to use any spare minute that I have in school to complete the jobs, reducing the workload in an evening. From this, I’m now able to make time to go out for a meal, go shopping or simply watch a TV programme or read a book. I find that having some “down-time” fills me with more enthusiasm for the following day at school, providing better experiences for the children in my class.

  6. Teaching keeps me pretty busy but I am lucky enough to have a season ticket at Chesterfield and like to go to away games whenever possible. I also like eating out and catching up with non-teacher friends to talk about other topics.
    Miss Boot 🙂

  7. It’s great you have something to help you wind down after work. I am hoping I will find something that will help me do this and I’m hoping I will learn how to do this in time, as I’m a student still and it’s difficult with university work and school life etc.

  8. Mrs Middleton
    In my spare time I like to read and watch TV. I also like to socialise with friends going shopping and to the cinema.
    Miss Kelley
    In my spare time I like to shop and go and see family and friends. I also like to go to the gym.
    Mrs Scott
    In my spare time I like to socialise, go out for meals and go to the theatre.
    Miss Bryce
    In my spare time I like to read, go to the cinema, go out for meals and visit new places. I also have a few hobbies such as dancing, skiing, rock climbing, water skiing, ice-skating and singing.
    Mr Dougill
    In my spare time I like to go fishing and gardening and spending time in my shed.

  9. I like to relax by spending time with my friends and family and going out with them for meals, to the cinema and shopping etc. I also enjoy going to the gym and taking part in exercise/dance classes. However, my family have already commented that I am well on the way to being a ‘teacher-bore’! 🙂

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